Advantages of Choosing a Genuine Janoel Egg Incubator 

Hygrometers and Thermometers

Hygrometers and Thermometers

A hygrometer is a crucial instrument if you are hatching fertile eggs in an incubator. Incorrect humidity is one of the greatest cause of poor hatch rates. As a guide, the humidity for the first stage of the incubation process should be around 45% and then increase to above 60% for the final three days.

Digital Incubator Hygrometer and Thermometer


Poultry Australia's digital egg incubator hygrometer and thermometer will ensure that your incubator's thermometer is working correctly and allow for relative humidity to be monitored during the incubation process.  Please note, the more accurate Masterhatch high accuracy thermometer is recommended for recalibrating incubator thermostats. 


The hygrometer and thermometer can be placed within the incubator or externally by placing the probe (1.5 centimetres wide) through a hole in the incubator. This model comes with a humidity/temperature probe that can be placed at the height of the eggs within the incubator for increased accuracy.  

Battery specifications: One AG-10 (Included). Postage via Australia Post to all Australian addresses and PO Boxes is included free of charge. 

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