Ceramic Brooder Heat Element 75 Watt

Ceramic Brooder Heat Element 75 Watt

A quality ceramic heat element ensures that chicks will get the best start in life.  Infra red light allows a natural day and night cycle to be established while ensuring optimum heat efficiency.  These heat elements are compatible with all universal socket brooder shades.  

Wattage: 75 Watt elements are recommended for brooders in an environment with a stable, high ambient temperature.

If you are unsure of which wattage to purchase, Poultry Australia recommends 150 watt bulbs as they can be raised if too much heat is being emitted.

Australia wide postage costs $5.00. Express postage can be arranged by sending us an email.
  • Details

    Ceramic with an alloy screw attachment

    Heat resistant and durable ceramic sockets

    Specifically designed for poultry brooders

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