FRD-10 LED Egg Candler

FRD-10 LED Egg Candler

New stock of our FRD-10 high quality egg candler has just arrived!  This premium model egg candler can be used to test the fertility of most types of poultry eggs including Chickens, Japanese quail, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Pheasants, Guinea Fowls, and many others.  The FRD-10 egg candler is manufactured using a high quality aluminium alloy material making it lightweight and robust.  The FRD-10 is perfect for candling eggs from under a broody hen or a in an incubator because it can be transported freely without the need to be connected to a power source. The FRD-10 does not however compromise brightness thanks to high quality focused LED lamp beads.   

Other features include; nonslip rubber handle, adjustable egg protecting light beam focus, wrist strap, LED lifespan of over 100,000 hours, power sourced by two AA batteries (quality Duracell Batteries included), and a foam padded case. Instructions for the egg candler and candling fertile eggs are included.

Of corse, you will also receive the reassurance of Poultry Australia's friendly Australian support team and warranty.

*Free Australia wide postage

*Two Duracell AA batteries included

Ask our team about our egg candlers today by sending us an email at
  • Details

    High quality LED


    Batteries Included

    Aluminium Alloy Frame

    Padded case

    Free Australia wide delivery with Australia Post

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