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About Poultry Australia

About Poultry Australia

About Poultry Australia

Poultry Australia is an Australian family-owned and operated business located in Hobart. 


Our goal is to encourage every Australian to experience the joys that keeping poultry can offer. We strive to achieve this by:


  • Providing access to reliable and easy-to-understand information of interest to Australian poultry keepers. 

  • Create and maintain an online community where breeders can connect with poultry keepers to supply quality fertile eggs. 

  • Test and evaluate the huge range of products from around the world that aim to make keeping poultry easier and more rewarding. 

  • Provide a trusted place for Australians to buy quality equipment that makes keeping their flock even more enjoyable. 


Since 2011 Poultry Australia has operated as an online business, allowing us to better serve backyard poultry keepers and breeders no matter where they are in Australia. We’re proud to be the preferred supplier of many poultry breeders, childcare centres, schools, aged care homes, universities and government departments.


All of the products we offer for sale are used and recommended by the Poultry Australia Team. Every order placed on our website is sent directly from Poultry Australia’s warehouse in Hobart. 


We welcome your questions, comments, or feedback. Our contact details can be found here.

Poultry Australia Logo

Our company details

Company name: Poultry Australia Pty. Ltd. 


ABN: 36614196208

Mailing, invoicing and billing address

Poultry Australia

PO Box 1502

Hobart Business Centre 

Mornington TAS 7018

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