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Poultry Australia Breed Profiles

Poultry Australia Breed Profiles



Due to their friendly nature, great laying ability and adaptations to Australian demands and climate, Australorps are fantastic additions to any backyard poultry set-up. They are prolific egg producers, easy to house, and fantastic birds for young families. For these reasons, Poultry Australia would not hesitate to recommend this fantastic breed!




Barnevelders are great dual-purpose birds that have gained popularity as backyard chickens. Their beautiful appearance, golden-speckled brown eggs and calm nature make them a great addition to family life.  

Easter Egger 


Easter Eggers are an extremely popular and fantastic addition to backyard flocks. Their colourful and extra-large eggs are sure to spark joy in the eyes of all family members – young and old. In addition to their wonderful eggs, their moderate size, calm nature and hardiness make them wonderful members of a family-friendly backyard flock!

Australian Langshan  


The Australian Langshan is an extremely popular bird, developed to suit Australian conditions and demands. This breed has strong genetics, many colour variations and favourable dispositions, making it a frequently appearing bread on show circuits around the country.  While both varieties are loved by poultry enthusiasts for their economical laying and affectionate nature, Australian Langshan bantams are particularly well regarded as exceptional family-friendly backyard birds due to their smaller size.



Leghorns are a great egg producing breed that are highly economical – providing you lots of eggs for a relatively small cost. These birds are highly active and independent creatures that aren’t fond of handling. As a result, if you are looking for a moderately sized bird that will be a great family companion, Leghorns probably aren’t for you. However, their moderate size and highly economical and plentiful egg laying makes them a winning breed if you’re aim is to put eggs on the table!


Old English Game Fowl


Old English Game Fowl are highly regarded by their enthusiasts and often feature spectacular tail feathers.  The breed has a reputation of occasionally being aggressive towards humans and roosters must be kept separate, as they will commonly fight.  


Plymouth Rock


Plymouth Rocks are outstanding dual-purpose birds that are also friendly and great for families. They are relatively large in size, come in many different varieties, produce eggs all-year round and get along wonderfully with human and non-human family members. So long as they have a bit of shade and shelter in warmer climates and some careful dietary considerations, Plymouth Rocks will flourish in any backyard poultry or smallholding environment.


Pekin Bantam


Pekin bantams are highly regarded as fantastic backyard birds for young families in urban environments due to their small size and calm, docile temperament. If you’re after a breed that is exceptionally well suited to smaller backyards, handling by children (young and old) and aren’t too concerned about egg or meat production, Pekin bantams are the breed for you! 


Rhode Island Red


If you are looking for a great all-purpose breed that is suitable for all Australian climates, the Rhode Island Red could be for you. They are amazing layers of extra-large eggs and are also good birds to raise for meat. They are friendly birds that are good with families that are tough and rarely succumb to disease. However, if you have small children, it is best to avoid Rhode Island Red roosters, as they can be quite protective and territorial.


Silkie Bantam


Silkies are a fan favourite breed, especially for families due to their small stature, unique appearance and affable nature. These birds stand out from other breeds with their fluffy, silky feathers. Their love of handling and small size make Silkies a fantastic breed for young families with small, urban backyards. If you are after a breed to make an ideal family pet, rather than to provide eggs and meat, then you should definitely strongly consider Silkies!



Sussex chickens are a great utility bird, performing exceptionally in terms of meat, egg production and economy. They also have a wonderful character, with a curious, active and friendly demeanour – making them a great choice for families. Due to their large size, these birds require a bit of extra space compared to other dual-purpose breeds. However, if you have the room, you won’t be disappointed with this wonderful breed.




Wyandottes are a wonderful moderately sized dual-purpose breed that is packed with personality. They are reliable layers throughout the year and despite sometimes showing their slightly bossy nature, they can be good birds around children. Their thick plumage makes Wyandottes a great breed for cold climates and their strong maternal instincts make them great mothers.​​



Orpingtons are known for their fantastic characteristics as show birds, with their thick plumage coming in a variety of colours. When not on show, Orpingtons are an excellent breed for family backyards, due to their docile and friendly nature.  Furthermore, Orpingtons are great table birds while still producing a decent amount of eggs - making them a true dual-purpose breed!




Marans are best known for their unique and beautiful eggs, which are large in size and a rich, chocolate colour. However, being originally developed for meat production, these birds are wonderful table birds. With many colour variations of both standard and bantam varieties, there is sure to be a variety of Maran to suit any backyard flock!


ISA Brown​​


ISA Browns are a favourite for individuals and families that are new to caring for poultry. These moderately sized birds are known to produce prolific amounts of eggs all-year round. Furthermore, they are affectionate in nature and require relatively low maintenance. Altogether, ISA Browns are a fantastic breed for poultry newcomers and veterans.


New Hampshire


The New Hampshire breed is excellent addition to a flock if you’re looking for a dual-purpose bird with an emphasis on meat production. They’re also great for new and experienced poultry keepers alike, due to their affable demeanour and relatively low requirements for maintenance.




Brahmas are a great all-round bird. Their large size and fluffy plumage make them great birds for eating and show respectively. Furthermore, while they produce a moderate amount of eggs, they dominantly lay in the winter months when other breeds stop laying. Brahmas are also great family members, both to their chicks and owners.


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