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Australorps are one of the best all-round breeds available as they are family friendly and exceptionable layers.  Although they are a larger breed they are docile and make great pets.  Australorps are highly recommended to families who would like some reliable layers.  




Barnevelders are a great foraging fowl and egg laying birds.  The hens consistently lay high equality, brown medium sized eggs. Barnevelders make great working birds or an edition to a family flock.  Barnevelders enjoy large foraging spaces and free-ranging, making them a great breed for keen gardeners. 

Easter Egger 


Easter Eggers are best known for their blue/green eggs, however they have lots going for them as backyard chickens.  This line of Easter Eggers has been bred for smallholdings and family backyards.  Compared to other blue/green egg layers such as purebred Araucanas these Easter Eggers produce far more eggs and are known to be hardier. 


Langshan Bantam 


Australian Langshan Bantams are rare outside Australia, however are a common breed within the country.  The breed serves smallholdings well as they are good egg layers while being economical.  



Leghorns are best suited to people who want efficient egg laying hens.  Leghorns are one of the most economical breeds as they lay many eggs while consuming less feed than comparable breeds. This breed is not ideal for people who are after pets, as they prefer to avoid human contact. 


Old English Game


Old English Game are highly regarded by their enthusiasts and often feature spectacular tail feathers.  The breed has a reputation of occasionally being aggressive towards humans and roosters must be kept separate, as they will commonly fight.  


Plymouth Rock


Plymouth Rocks are large birds used for both egg and meat production.  The breed are very cold climate hardy and the hens lay almost all year round.  Plymouth rocks are friendly birds and the hens make great mothers.  Plymouth Rocks are one of the strongest contenders for people who want an around breed.


Pekin Bantam


Pekin Bantams are small birds renowned as fantastic family pets.  With regular handling Pekin bantams will happily sit on their owners lap or chase them around the backyard.  Although the quantities and size of eggs are not large, Pekins regularly go broody and make great mothers.


Rhode Island Red


Rhode Island Reds are most commonly used as utility birds in Australia and are a good option for people who want efficient egg and meat production birds.  The hens make very good layers for the first three years of their life and the roosters make good meat birds.  Rhode Island Reds are not a great option for families who plan to keep a rooster as they are commonly aggressive. 


Silkie Bantam


Although Silkies are not the best egg laying breed they make exceptional family pets and are great mothers.  Silkies are very friendly and make great pets for children.  Unlike some breeds silkies don't need a large area to roam in so are perfect for small backyards.




Sussex is a common breed around the world and come in many colours.    like Plymouth Rocks, Sussex are excellent all-rounders and are very economical for a large bird.  They are known to be very friendly although they can be occasionally flighty. 




Wyandottes are one of the best breeds if you are looking at both egg and meat production.  They make great mothers and often go broody.  Wyandottes are friendly and a less flighty breed.