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Fertile Eggs for Sale - New South Wales

Light Sussex Fertile Eggs


Breeder Name and Location

Lachlan, Carlingford NSW

Posts fertile eggs: Yes.

Prices are as follows: $4 each, $40 for dozen, $80 for two dozen, $105 for three dozen, $130 for four dozen

Silkie Fertile Eggs


Breeder Name and Location

Claudia, Arcadia NSW

Posts fertile eggs: No.

All roosters in these photos are available.  Colours chances based on my hens and roosters (all photos of parents 16 hens and 4 roosters) as well as previously hatched and sold chicks.  Colours available; lilac (purple), red, white, black, dark blue, light partridge (light golden brown), dark partridge (dark brown), black, crested partridge, silver partridge, grey, blue gold (yellow), buff (orange), splash (black and white), porcelain, painted, bearded, large crest, and small crest.  If you are confused by the colour names please ask and I will send you photos of That colour and explain it the best I can.

Prices as follows: 1 egg = $2, 6 eggs = $5, 12 eggs = $8, 18 eggs = $14

I candle each egg twice to make sure that you have a high chance of having the egg hatch and I will not give you cracked eggs.  If you message me please state how many you are looking, what day you would like to pick up and what time.  Thank you. 

Guinea Fowl Fertile Eggs


Breeder Name and Location

Holly, Armidale NSW 

Posts fertile eggs: Yes

$50 for one dozen eggs, $70 for two dozen eggs. 

Willing to post at buyers expense and risk.

Araucana Fertile Eggs


Breeder Name and Location

Kate, Armidale NSW

Posts fertile eggs: Yes

Priced at $50 for one dozen or $85 for two dozen.  Postage $19 per dozen.  Lavender in colour.  Contact breeder for more photos. 

Fertile Turkey Eggs

Breeder Name and Location

Tess, Sydney NSW

Posts fertile eggs: Statewide only

Priced at $100 for one dozen.  Postage $80 per dozen.  Contact breeder for photos.