Breed Profiles

Poultry Australia's selection of information on popular poultry breeds.  Our breed profiles are a great place to start when deciding on a new breed that fits your specific requirements.  


Keeping Chickens

Thinking of starting your own backyard flock?

Find out whether keeping chickens is the right choice for you with all the basic information that you need to make an informed decision.  

Hatching Fertile Eggs

Whether you're hatching fertile eggs with a hen or incubator, Poultry Australia is here to help with information for beginners and advanced tips for experienced hatchers.   


Raising Chicks


Poultry Australia's guide to raising chicks from day one will ensure that your chicks will stand the best chance of living a long, healthy, and productive life.  


Buying Poultry

Poultry Australia's guide to buying high quality and healthy poultry.  This guide includes explanations of the different poultry age groups.


Candling Eggs

Candling eggs is an easy way to check on the development of chicks.  



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