Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Advantages of the Janoel Model 96:

96 large chicken egg capacity or 312 quail eggs


Automatic turning (two hour cycle)


Automatic temperature control 


Fan forced air circulation


Adjustable turning tray 


Two stage hatching tray

Humidity channels with remote filling

Easy to use


Sold out. Please send us an email if you would like to be notified when new stock arrives.

$398.00  inc. GST

Price excludes postage.  Please email us with the delivery address for a quote.

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator

Janoel Model 96 Egg Incubator


Janoel Model 96 Hatch Process


Require a large capacity egg incubator or need to be ready for when the time comes to expand?  The Janoel Model 96 is recognised by smallholdings and professional breeders as the ideal option.


With a capacity of 96 chicken eggs or 312 quail eggs the Janoel Model 96 delivers excellent flexibility to hatch a range of poultry varieties with ease.  In addition to adjustable automatic temperature control, automatic egg turning, and fan forced air circulation the Janoel Model 96 features a humidity readout.   

Humidity is controlled by adding water to the water channels, which can be filled through an external filling hole and water bottle provided.  This ensures that temperature and humidity are not disrupted by opening the incubator lid.  The Janoel Model 96 also features an adjustable low humidity alarm to ensure the water channels never run dry. 

The Janoel Model 96 comes with a styrofoam casing, which can be used to further increase thermal efficiency and reduce power consumption, this making it a good option for off-grid usage. 


In preparation for the hatch, the automatic egg turning tray can be removed and the eggs placed on the  hatching tray.  The hatch can be observed through the wrap-around window or through four windows on top of the incubator if the styrofoam casing is in place. 


The Janoel Model 96 comes with a single hatching tray that can accommodate 48 chickens egg at a time.  Because of this, hatches are staggered with half the eggs hatching four days prior to the remaining eggs.

After the Hatch


The base of the Janoel Model 96, hatching tray, and turning tray can be separated and easily cleaned following the hatch. Like all genuine Janoel incubators the Model 96 is constructed using high quality components to ensure a long working life and excellent hatch rates.   


All Janoel incubators sold by Poultry Australia come with a 12 month warranty that includes any postage costs associated with incubator faults.  The Janoel Model 96 is delivered fully assembled with all features pre-set ready to start hatching.  Included are easy to follow instructions for the Janoel Model 96 and a hatching guide written for Australian users by Poultry Australia.    

We are proud to offer genuine Janoel incubators for sale and are happy to answer any questions you have about the Janoel Model 96 at contact@poultryaustralia.com.au


Please note, we are currently sold out of Janoel Model 96 egg incubators.  New stock is on the way from the factory and is estimated to arrive in May 2021. Please send us an email at contact@poultryaustralia.com.au if you would like to be notified when new stock arrives.


Poultry Australia offers genuine Janoel Model 96 egg incubators for $398.00 plus delivery.  


Payment can be made using a credit or debit card (including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) via PayPal by clicking on the Add to Cart button above and then clicking on the Cart button. 


Alternatively, payment can be made via bank transfer.  To arrange payment via bank transfer, please send us an email at contract@poultryaustralia.com.au with your name, products that you would like to order, your delivery address, and a contact phone number for the delivery driver.  


We offer a number of payment options for schools and other educational institutions. Poultry Australia is a registered NSW Department of Education supplier and can accommodate purchase order requirements for educational institutions in each State and Territory. 


As Janoel Model 96 egg incubators come in a large package, Poultry Australia is unable to offer a flat rate delivery fee.  For a delivery quote, please send us an email at contact@poultryaustralia.com.au

Poultry Australia uses Australia Post and Toll IPEC to ensure Janoel Model 96 egg incubators arrive quickly and safely.  If you have a preference between Australia Post or Toll IPEC, please let us know when requesting a delivery quote.  Delivery quotes range from $39.00 for metro capital city addresses to $129.00 for very remote areas.  

Express postage with next business day delivery to most Australian addresses can also be arranged at an additional cost.  Please email us for details at contact@poultryaustralia.com.au

Poultry Australia - Official Janoel Retailer 

Poultry Australia is proud to be an official retailer of genuine Janoel egg incubators.  Genuine Janoel egg incubators are renowned for their ease of use, long work life, and commercial standard hatch rates.   


If you are in the market for a pre-owned incubator and wish to check whether it is a genuine Janoel Model 96, check the logo on the incubator or ask to view a receipt for the original purchase.


Making a purchase from Poultry Australia

At Poultry Australia we are proud to offer only the highest quality poultry equipment.  Each Janoel incubator must pass stringent quality control tests to ensure that all operations are functioning accurately before delivery to customers.  


If you have any questions about the Janoel incubators Poultry Australia offers for sale, please send us an email at contact@poultryaustralia.com.au

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