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Incubators & Equipment

Incubators & Equipment

Welcome to Poultry Australia's online store. Here you will find our range of automatic egg incubators, brooder equipment, egg candlers, hygrometers and thermometers.

Egg Incubator Range


Poultry Australia is proud to be an official retailer of genuine Janoel egg incubators.  


All of our incubators offer up-to-date and easy to use technology to consistently deliver the highest possible hatch rates.  


Genuine Janoel egg incubators
Brooder Equipment 


Poultry Australia's is proud to offer quality Masterhatch brooder equipment for sale.

Egg Candlers


Poultry Australia's FRD-10 Egg Candler can be used to candle a variety of eggs including chicken, Japanese quail, duck, turkey, geese, pheasant, and guinea fowl eggs.


Incubator Accessories


Poultry Australia's incubator accessories include egg incubator hygrometer and thermometers.  


Our egg incubator hygrometers and thermometers will ensure that your incubator's thermometer is working correctly and monitor the humidity within your egg incubator. 


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