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Create a Fertile Egg Listing

Create a Fertile Egg Listing

Fertile Egg Listings are a free service offered by Poultry Australia.

There are three steps to creating a Fertile Egg Listing on the Poultry Australia Website

Step 1. Select your location from the list below.

Step 2. Enter the listing details using our online form and submit them.


Step 3. Once your listing details have been submitted, please contact us so we can review them. We'll then publish your listing. 

Step 4. Check your emails for messages from buyers.

Step 1.  Please select your location by clicking on it below

About Fertile Egg Listings

Poultry Australia connects thousands of buyers and sellers of fertile eggs each year.  This service is offered free of charge for both buyers and sellers.  Once your listing is active, messages sent by buyers will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

Personal contact details such as your email address are not listed on our website.  Buyers will fill in and send a form through the Poultry Australia website.  Our automated messaging service provider, POWr will then send an email directly to your inbox with the buyer's message and contact details.

If you would like to list multiple breeds, please create an individual listing for each breed.


Poultry Australia has a free guide covering the topics of selling, packaging, and receiving payments for fertile eggs available once a listing has been published. 


If you would like your listing modified or removed, please send us an email at or message us through Facebook.  Poultry Australia reserves the right to remove a listing for any reason.   

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