Listing fertile eggs for sale on the Poultry Australia website



Poultry Australia connects thousands of buyers and sellers of fertile eggs each year.  This service is offered free of charge for both buyers and sellers.


To list fertile eggs for sale on the Poultry Australia website, please send us an email with the breed(s) that you would like to offer, whether you are willing to send fertile eggs in the post, any other details you would like buyers to know (such as price), and at least one photo of each breed for the listing to  


Once your listing is active, messages sent by buyers will be delivered directly to your email inbox.  Only a breeder's first name and suburb or region will be published on the Poultry Australia website. 

Breeder privacy

Personal contact details such as email addresses are not made public.  Poultry Australia has a free guide covering the topics of selling, packaging, and receiving payments for fertile eggs available once a listing has been published. 


Poultry Australia reserves the right to remove a listing for any reason.   

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