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Australorp Information


Breed Highlights

Australorps are one of the best all-round breeds available as they are very family friendly and are exceptionable layers.  Although they are a larger breed they are docile and make great pets.  Australorps are highly recommended to families who would like some reliable layers.


Full overview

Australorps are a common Australian breed and are known for being docile and friendly.  Australorps have a rich history and many claim that the Australorp is Australia’s national breed.  Hobby farms and backyard poultry enthusiasts love keeping Australorp’s as they have a reputation for reliable egg laying hens and roosters that are great for meat production.  Australorps feature a single bright red comb and are a hardy and dependable breed.  Although they don’t have the unique visual appeal of some other breeds their docile and shy nature makes them popular with families who have young children with a demand for strong egg production.  Although the egg quantity count featured in the information above reports a conservative five egg count per hen per week,  a well looked after hen in the right conditions has been known to produce an amazing 365 eggs per year. Poultry Australia would have no hesitations recommending Australorps to anyone wanting one of the finest all round poultry breeds there are.  


Breed Usage 


Good for egg production 



Good for meat production



Good family pets



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No



Bloodline quality:  High with a good bloodline history




Egg Information


Colour: Light brown



Size: Medium to large



Quantity: 4-5 eggs per week per hen