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Barnevelder Information


Breed Highlights 

Barnevelders are great foraging fowl and egg laying birds.  The breed consistently lays high equality, dark brown medium sized eggs. Barnevelders make great working birds or an edition to a family flock.  Barnevelders enjoy foraging spaces and free-ranging making them a great breed for keen gardeners. 


Full overview

Barnevelders can be dated back to 1885 and are believed to have originated in Holland.   The breed has proven to be popular in Australia as it is suitable for egg and meat production as well as being able to live in smaller spaces compared to other breeds of its size.  Barnevelders make great foraging birds and are good for gardeners who would like a breed to turn over vegetable patches.  People who live in cool climate areas should give Barnevelders strong consideration as their egg production compares well to other breeds throughout the long winter months.  Today Barnevelders are enjoyed as utility birds as well as show birds by many breeders.  Barnevelders are recognized as quiet birds that if tamed can enjoy human contact.  

Egg Information


Colour: Brown



Size: Large



Quantity: 4-5 eggs per week per hen