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Easter Egger Information

Breed Highlights

Easter Eggers are best known for their blue/green eggs, however they have lots going for them as backyard chickens.  Compared to other blue/green egg layers such as purebred Araucanas these easter eggers produce far more eggs and are known to be hardier. 


​Full Overview

Members of the Easter Egger family have been in high demand across Australia in recent years as they have much to offer.  Although these birds look a lot like their Araucana cousins, they are bred specifically for Australian conditions. In most climates these Easter Egger hens will lay one blue/green egg per day all year round.  Pure Easter Eggers are known for a long lifespan and will lay for almost all of their lives.  Easter Eggers are best known for their blue/green eggs and are still quite rare.  Easter Eggers are highly recommended and make a great addition to any backyard flock.



Breed Usage 


Strong egg production rates



Acceptable meat production



Very good family pets



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No







Egg Information


Colour: Blue-Green



Size: Medium



Quantity: 5-6 eggs per hen per week