Easter Egger Information

Breed Highlights

Easter Eggers are an extremely popular and fantastic addition to backyard flocks. Their colourful and extra-large eggs are sure to spark joy in the eyes of all family members – young and old. In addition to their wonderful eggs, their moderate size, calm nature and hardiness make them wonderful members of a family-friendly backyard flock!

Breed usage

  • Good egg production

  • Good meat production

  • Family friendly

  • Cold climate hardy: Yes

  • Rare breed: No

Egg information

  • Colour: Ranges from green, blue and pink in a variety of shades

  • Size: Extra-large

  • Quantity: 3-4  eggs/hen/week

Full Overview

Easter Eggers are commonly mistaken for Aracaunas or Ameracaunas. However, unlike Aracaunas, Ameracaunas and other varieties of chickens, Easter Eggers aren’t actually a breed! Instead, Easter Eggers are a hybrid, meaning they are a cross from two distinct and different chicken breeds. While this means that they aren’t officially recognised by the American Poultry Association, they are an extremely popular addition to backyard flocks.


As their name suggests, one of the main features that makes Easter Eggers popular is that they lay a variety of different coloured eggs, typically including greed, blue and even slightly pink eggs! It is important to note that the colour of eggs that an individual Easter Egger lays is determined by its parentage and will remain consistent throughout its life. This means that to get multicoloured eggs, you’ll have to have multiple birds potentially sourced from different hatcheries. This is worth it though for the 3-4 extra-large eggs of a variety of colours that you can expect each week.


Their colourful eggs are not their only winning quality that makes them a great addition to a backyard flock.

Easter Eggers are a hardy variety that are able to tolerate cold winter conditions as well as warmer climates without much additional consideration. Like their eggs, these birds also vary in appearance in both shape and colour depending on the cross in which they were hatched from. These birds are a moderate size, weighing between 1.5-2.5kg, don’t often go broody, handle confinement well and are also fine eating birds. Their calm, friendly temperament as well as being highly tameable also makes them great for families.

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