Janoel Egg Incubator Range

Janoel Egg Incubator Range

Poultry Australia is proud to present our range of quality Janoel egg incubators

Janoel Model 12 Automatic Egg Incubator


As the smallest incubator in the Janoel range, the Model 12 is perfect for those who wish to experience the joys of hatching and raising less than one dozen chicks. While the egg capacity is modest, the Janoel Model 12 features all the technology needed for a high hatch rate including automatic temperature control, automatic egg turning, and fan forced air circulation.  Simply plug the incubator in at the powerpoint, add water to the humidity channels and the Janoel Model 12 is ready to hatch!


Janoel Model 24 Automatic Egg Incubator


The Janoel Model 24 egg incubator is the most popular model in the Janoel egg incubator range.   Whether you’re starting your own flock, or need a reliable incubator to hatch regular new additions, genuine Janoel Model 24 egg incubators are trusted by thousands of Australians.  The Janoel Model 24 comes with pre-set automatic temperature control, automatic egg turning, and fan forced air circulation ready to go from the moment it’s switched on.  The Janoel Model 24 also features a large wraparound viewing window, offering excellent visibility as the chicks hatch.


Janoel Model 48 Automatic Egg Incubator


The Janoel Model 48 is a favourite amongst keen poultry keepers and breeders.  With a capacity of 48 chicken eggs or 156 quail eggs, the Janoel Model 48 delivers excellent flexibility to hatch a range of poultry varieties with ease.  In addition to automatic temperature control, automatic egg turning, and fan forced air circulation, the Janoel Model 48 features a built-in hygrometer for monitoring humidity.    


Janoel Model 96 Automatic Egg Incubator


Require a large capacity egg incubator or need to be ready for when the time comes to expand?  The Janoel Model 96 is recognised by smallholdings and breeders as an ideal solution.  In addition to automatic temperature control, automatic egg turning, and humidity monitoring the Janoel Model 96 features fan forced air circulation.  This results in high hatch rates while being as easy to use as the smaller models in the Janoel incubator range.    


Poultry Australia: An Official Janoel Retailer 

Why Janoel?

Over the years genuine Janoel egg incubators have become known for reliably delivering optimum hatch rates while being stress free to use.  We’re proud to offer the full range of genuine Janoel incubators, as we believe they offer the ideal hatching solution for first time hatchers, small scale breeders and everyone in-between.  


To learn more about how Janoel egg incubators maximise hatch rates, please visit Poultry Australia’s Janoel incubation page.


Why purchase from Poultry Australia?  

Poultry Australia is an official retailer of genuine Janoel egg incubators.  Some incubators sold in Australia look very similar to genuine Janoel egg incubators, however they don’t meet the same quality standards as those produced at the Janoel factory and sold through an authorised retailer.


Poultry Australia can deliver your Janoel egg incubator Australia wide and provide you with the resources, warranty and support needed to deliver successful hatches into the future.  

If you have any questions about the Janoel egg incubators we offer for sale or any other poultry equipment, please get in touch through our email address contact@poultryaustralia.com.au, via Facebook, or by using the contact form below.


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Janoel Model 12 Egg Incubator