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Australian Langshan Information

Breed Highlights

The Australian Langshan is an extremely popular bird, developed to suit Australian conditions and demands. This breed has strong genetics, many colour variations and favourable dispositions, making it a frequently appearing bread on show circuits around the country.  While both varieties are loved by poultry enthusiasts for their economical laying and affectionate nature, Australian Langshan bantams are particularly well regarded as exceptional family-friendly backyard birds due to their smaller size.

Breed usage

  • Good egg production

  • Moderate meat production

  • Family friendly

  • Cold climate hardy: Yes

  • Rare breed: No

Egg information

  • Colour: Plum brown

  • Size: Medium

  • Quantity: 3-5  eggs/hen/week

Australian Langshan - Poultry Australia

Full Overview

The Langshan, from which the Australian Langshan was developed, originated in China, before being exported to England and America. In England, the original black Langshan from which the Australian Langshan was developed is known as the Croad Langshan. The Croad Langshan is a large bird that takes a long time to mature. Many believe that it is for these reasons that the Croad Langshan is very rare and, thus, almost exclusively bred by those who wish to keep the breed alive. However, the Australian Langshan is a top contender to be the most popular breed in Australia.


The Australian Langshan came to existence when the Croad Langshan was imported to Australia in the late 19th century and was selectively bred to be adapted to Australian conditions. As well as being adapted to the Australian climate, the Australian Langshan was also developed to be a more compact and faster maturing bird, overcoming some of the limitations possessed by the Croad Langshan. The Australian Langshan is most commonly black with tinges of green visible in certain sunlight. However, blue, white and most recently, a splash variety has been developed. These birds are known for their strong genetics and disposition, resulting in them frequenting the Australian show circuit - especially the rarer white and blue varieties.


In addition to being a popular show breed, Australian Langshans are popular backyard chickens. They come in the moderately sized 3-4kg (hens ~ 3.2kg; roosters ~ 4kg) standard variety and roughly 1kg (hens ~ 0.75kg; roosters ~ 0.9kg) bantam variety. These birds are a highly economical addition to a backyard flock, requiring relatively little feed to produce 3-5 plum brown eggs per week. Australian Langshans are also a great choice for families, with friendly demeanour and docile nature.

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