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Breed Highlights

Leghorns are best suited to people who are wanting efficient egg laying hens.  Leghorns are one of the most economical breeds as they lay many eggs while consuming less feed than comparable breeds. This breed is not for people who are after pets, as they prefer to avoid human contact. 


Full overview

Leghorns (White Leghorn) have a reputation as excellent utility birds and because of this have become quite common across Australia.  The breed is often not considered by people choosing a new breed because of their energetic and intelligent characteristics that can lead to the roosters being more aggressive than other comparable breeds.  The Leghorn should not however be ignored by people who are after an all round working breed.  Leghorn hens are known for their exceptional reliability at laying very large white eggs for almost every day of the year.  Although they originated in Italy the breed has a long history in Australia as a highly dependable breed.   If you are looking for a working breed that is sure to provide you with abundant amounts of eggs and quality meat then Leghorns are a strong contender.  

Breed Usage


Good for egg production 



Good for meat production



Poor family pets



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No



Bloodline quality:  Good




Egg Information


Colour: White



Size: Large



Quantity: 6-7 eggs per week per hen