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Orpington Information

Breed Highlights

Orpingtons are known for their fantastic characteristics as show birds, with their thick plumage coming in various colours. When not on show, Orpingtons are an excellent breed for family backyards due to their docile and friendly nature.  Furthermore, Orpingtons are great table birds while still producing a decent amount of eggs - making them a true dual-purpose breed!

Breed usage

  • Moderate-good egg production

  • High meat production

  • Extremely family-friendly

  • Cold climate hardy: Yes

  • Rare breed: No

Egg information

  • Colour: Light-brown

  • Size: Medium-large

  • Quantity: 3-4   eggs/hen/week

Orpington - Poultry Australia

Full Overview

Orpingtons are a common variety of chickens that gain their name from Orpington, England, where they originate. They exist in both full-size and bantam varieties, weighing approximately 3-4.5kg (hens ~ 3.5kg; roosters ~ 4.5kg) and 0.7-1.5kg (hens ~ 0.8kg; roosters ~1.1kg) respectively. Orpington’s have gained popularity as show birds for their thick plumage and colour varieties, ranging from the most common buff variety to white, black, blue and splash. However, they were originally bred as dual-purpose birds. In addition to being good table birds, Orpingtons can be expected to lay between 200-250 medium-large, light-brown eggs.


Orpingtons are docile chickens that are able to quickly form bonds with owners, making them great family friendly pets! However, due to their kind nature and mild manor, care should be given when incorporating these birds into existing flocks with breeds known to be more aggressive in nature.


These birds are most suitable for temperate climates. This is due to their thick plumage, providing a warm layer of insulation for chilly winters. However, this can mean that in warmer climates, these birds can easily overheat unless they have access to ample shade.

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