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Plymouth Rock Information


Breed Highlights 

Plymouth Rocks are large birds used for both egg and meat production.  The breed is very cold climate hardy and the hens lay almost all year round.  Plymouth Rocks are friendly birds and the hens make great mothers.  This breed arguably is the strongest contender for people who want an around breed.


Full Overview

Plymouth Rocks are a highly regarded breed with great qualities of both egg laying and meat production.  The breed, also known as “Barred Rocks” are a common site across small farms today.  Plymouth Rocks enjoy free ranging however can also be kept in smaller spaces than some other breeds.  Plymouth Rock’s make great birds for smallholdings not only because of their good meat and egg production but also because the hens make great brooders and mothers.  The breed is docile and suits families who want their poultry to be pets as well.  The breed originates from the United States of America and is fairly economical considering their large size.  




Breed usage suitabiliy 


Good for egg production 



Good for meat production



Very good family pets



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No



Bloodline quality:  Good




Egg Information


Colour: Brown



Size: Large



Quantity: 4-5 eggs per week per hen