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Rhode Island Red Information


Breed Highlits

Rhode Island Reds are most commonly used as utility birds in Australia and are a good option for people who want efficient egg and meat production birds.  The hens make very good layers for the first three years of their life and the roosters make good meat birds.  Rhode Island Reds are not a great option for families as roosters are commonly aggressive. 


Full Overview

Rhode Island Reds are a very popular utility breed within Australia as they are hardy and make great egg layers for the first three years of their life.   The breed is highly economical and will lay about 300 eggs per year.  The breed is common among smallholders as the roosters make great birds for the table while the hens are great layers.  People considering Rhode Island Reds should note that while the hens make great egg layers for the first three years of their life, they then stop laying and can live for up the three more years.   The breed is not recommended for families who plan to keep a rooster, as they are commonly aggressive.   If you are planning on keeping Rhode Island Red hens they are docile and friendly for families. 


Breed usage suitabiliy 


Good for egg production 



Good for meat production



good family pets (excluding roosters)



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No



Bloodline quality:  Good




Egg Information


Colour: Brown



Size: Medium/Large



Quantity: 5-6 eggs per week per hen




Breeder Information


Poultry Australia Certified: Yes



Use of Poultry Australia postage method as standard: Yes



Egg breakages when sent from breeder: Very rare



Breeder quality: checked and confirmed by Poultry Australia