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Silkie Bantam Information


Breed Highlights

Although Silkies are not the best egg laying breed they make exceptional family pets and are great mothers.  Silkies are very friendly and make great pets for children.  Unlike some breeds silkies don't need a large area to roam in so are perfect for small backyards.


Full Overview

Silkie Bantams are one of the best breeds for families wanting pets for their children or beginners who are interested in taking breeding seriously.  Silkies are one of the most unmistakable breeds there are with their feathered legs, walnut comb, and amazing feathers.  This breed is perfect for families who are not so interested in the number of eggs their poultry will produce, rather the quality of pets that their birds will be.  Silkies are very gentle and docile with a sweet and inquisitive nature.  Silkies are great brooders and mothers making them perfect for families who see the appeal of having new life brought to their backyard during spring.  Silkies do not need large backyards to roam around in and will be quite happy sitting on their owners lap.  Silkies can be crossed with other bantams such as Pekins to create great and unique chooks.  


Breed usage suitabiliy 


Below average egg production 



Poor for meat production



Very good family pets



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No



Bloodline quality:  Good




Egg Information


Colour: Cream



Size: Small



Quantity: 3-4 eggs per week per hen