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Sussex Information


Breed Highlights

Sussex is a common breed around the world and come in many colours.    like Plymouth Rocks Sussex are excellent all-rounders and are very economical for a large bird.  They are known to be very friendly although they can be occasionally flighty.    


Full Overview

The Sussex breed are fantastic all round chooks being a great table bird and a strong egg layer.  The hens are know to lay large, light brown eggs all year round even in cool climates like Victoria and Tasmania.  The breed is known for being curious, mellow and are happy around humans.  The mature birds are large, heavy and are not flighty like similar breeds.  This means they are easily contained without high fences or regular wing clippings.    The birds make great backyard foragers and are economical to feed considering their size.  Sussex owners will often have their entire flock following them around the backyard wanting food.    If you are not sure which breed is right for you, it is pretty hard to go wrong with one of the all-round greats. 


Breed usage suitabiliy 


Good for egg production 



Good for meat production



Very good family pets



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No



Bloodline quality:  Good




Egg Information


Colour: Light brown



Size: Large



Quantity: 4-5 eggs per week per hen