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Wyandotte Information


Breed Highlights 

Wyandottes are one of the best breeds if you are looking at both egg and meat production.  They make great mothers and often go broody.  Wyandottes are friendly and a less flighty breed.


Full Overview

Wyandotte are a fairly common breed in Australia and are certainly in high demand.  Wyandottes originate in the United States of America where they were bred to be an around bird.  Wyandottes are instantly recognizable with their round body and large size.  Wyandottes have a rose comb and yellow legs.  The hens are good mothers and commonly go broody twice per year.   Adult birds weigh an average of 3.1 kg plus or minus 500 grams depending on whether they are a rooster or a hen, making them good for meat production.  Wyandottes come in many colours and they are a common choice for breeders.  With a good quality Wyandotte hen costing upwards of $80.00, they are quite an expensive breed.  


Breed usage suitabiliy 


Good for egg production 



Good for meat production



Very good family pets



Cold climate hardy: Yes



Rare breed: No



Bloodline quality:  Good