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150 Watt Heat Emitter Bulb

150 Watt Heat Emitter Bulb


A heat emitter bulb will produce heat when screwed into a brooder shade. 


The higher the wattage of the heat emitter bulb the more heat it will produce. 


A 150-watt heat emitter bulb is recommended for raising chicks in an environment where the ambient temperature can become cool. 


Advantages of the 150W Masterhatch heat emitter bulb:


  • Produces comfortable, radiant heat to give the chicks the best start in life.


  • Made from sturdy ceramic. 


  • Produces only heat and no light. This allows the chicks to develop a natural day and night cycle.


  • The E27 socket makes it compatible with most brooder shades, including all brooder shades sold by Poultry Australia.


  • Free Australia-wide delivery.