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Cosy Chick® brooder heat plate for 1-24 chicken chicks

Cosy Chick® brooder heat plate for 1-24 chicken chicks

Brooder heat plates are a modern alternative to traditional brooder lamps for raising chicks. 

The Cosy Chick® brooder heat plate will keep your chicks warm from one day old until they are fully feathered and ready to be moved to their coop at around six weeks old.



Advantages of the Cosy Chick® chicken brooder heat plate:


  • Provides comfortable and safe heat for up to 24 chicken chicks. 


  • Suitable for all poultry species, including chicken and quail chicks, ducklings, goslings, and keets.


  • Features a built-in switch knob to adjust the temperature between 80°F (26.6°C) and 130°F (54.4°C).


  • Conveniently located display to quickly check the current and set temperature. 


  • Sturdy and height-adjustable legs to raise the heat plate as the chicks grow.


  • Low 30-watt energy consumption makes the heat plate affordable to use. 


  • Manufactured using high-quality and durable materials, including aluminium and ABS plastic.


  • The top section of the heat plate is insulated, so only the underside of the plate warms up. This makes it safe and comfortable for a chick or person to touch the top of the heat plate. 


  • Powered by a safe 12-volt power supply.


  • Has a convenient 1.2-metre-long power cable with an Australian power plug and built-in 240-volt to 12-volt power converter.


  • Free delivery to any Australian street address or PO Box.


Frequently asked questions 


Is the chicken brooder heat plate in stock?


Yes, Cosy Chick® chicken brooder heat plates are in stock and ready to be sent via Australia Post. Orders placed before 4 p.m. are sent on the same business day. 


What are the dimensions of the heat plate?


The heat plate itself is 30 cm wide and 30 cm long. 


With the legs attached, the heat plate is 32.5 cm wide and 32.5 cm long. The legs are 26 cm high.


What is the height adjustment range?


The legs can be adjusted to any height between 3 cm to 21 cm above the floor of your brooder box. 


The height adjustment range is larger than other heat plates, making the Cosy Chick® heat plate suitable for all poultry species from one day old until they are fully feathered.


How many quail chicks, ducklings, goslings or keets can the heat plate keep warm?   


We recommend the brooder heat plate for up to:

  • 24 chicken chicks

  • 48 quail chicks

  • 16 ducklings

  • 12 goslings

  • 24 keets


Can I use the heat plate for only two or three chicks?


The heat plate will work well for any number of chicks up to the maximum amount. 


Do you sell a larger heat plate? 


The Cosy Chick® chicken brooder heat plate comes in one size. We recommend setting up two heat plates in your brooder box if you plan on raising more than 24 chicks. 


Two heat plates allow individual chicks in a large brood to choose between different heat sources. This means the least dominant chicks can move away from any aggressive chicks that may peck them.


Are the height-adjustable legs sturdy?


The height-adjustable legs are connected to the heat plate using a locking screw-in mechanism. This makes the Cosy Chick® heat plate stronger and more durable compared to other models. It also makes adjusting the height of the heat plate quicker and easier. 


The legs have a non-slip base, so they will grip to the floor of your brooder box. The strong legs and non-slip leg bases make the Cosy Chick® chicken brooder heat plate safe around large, energetic chicks. 


Does the heat plate produce light?


The brooder heat plate only produces heat. This allows the chicks to develop a natural day and night cycle. 


There is an LED temperature display on top of the heat plate. The placement of the display means the light does not disturb the chicks during the night. 


What is the minimum brooder box size to fit the heat plate? 


The total space taken up by the Cosy Chick® chicken brooder heat plate is 32.5 cm wide, 32.5 cm long, and 26 cm high.


The brooder box should have enough room for the chicks to choose whether they want to be under the warmth of the heat plate or be eating, drinking and exploring away from the heat. This means we recommend having a minimum brooder box size of at least 33 cm wide, 55 cm long and 26.5 cm tall to use the heat plate.


How long is the warranty?  


The Cosy Chick® chicken brooder heat plate comes with a one-year factory-backed warranty from Poultry Australia.


Will I need to purchase any other accessories for my heat plate? 


Everything you need is included. 


Some other brooder heat plates recommend purchasing additional accessories, such as covers for the top of the heat plate or separate temperature controllers. The Cosy Chick® chicken brooder heat plate has been designed to include everything you need as standard. 



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