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Medium heat lamp for chickens (up to 24 chicks)

Medium heat lamp for chickens (up to 24 chicks)


Heat lamps are the traditional way to keep chicken and quail chicks, ducklings, goslings, keets and other poultry species warm from when they hatch until they are fully feathered. 

The Masterhatch medium heat lamp is compatible with heat bulbs up to 150 watts.



Included with this heat lamp:


  • One medium-sized (22 cm) Masterhatch chicken brooder heat lamp.


  • One adjustable lamp clamp to attach the heat lamp to your brooder box. 


  • One Masterhatch heat bulb (choice of 100-watt or 150-watt bulb).


  • Free Australia-wide delivery. 


Advantages of the Masterhatch medium heat lamp for chickens (up to 24 chicks):


  • The 22 cm wide heat lamp provides heat for up to 24 chicken chicks in warm climates or 12 chicken chicks in cool climates.


  • The ceramic heat bulb produces only heat and no light. This allows the chicks to develop a natural day and night cycle.


  • The heat lamp comes with a sturdy metal lamp clamp to attach the lamp to your brooder box.


  • The metal lamp clamp can be easily adjusted to raise the heat lamp as the chicks grow. 


  • The heat lamp features a 1.6-metre-long power cable with an on/off switch and an Australian power plug.


  • The heat lamp is constructed from painted aluminium with a ceramic socket for a long lifespan.


Frequently asked questions


Should I choose a 100-watt or 150-watt heat bulb?


The higher the wattage of the bulb, the more heat it will produce. Higher-wattage heat bulbs will also consume more electricity. 


If your brooder is set up in a warm or hot environment, a 100-watt heat bulb is the best choice. 


If the brooder box is in a cooler environment, a 150-watt heat bulb could be needed to keep the chicks warm. 


You can always adjust the height of the heat lamp using the adjustable metal lamp clamp. This will increase or decrease the amount of heat reaching the chicks on the floor of the brooder. 



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