Large Brooder Shade

Large Brooder Shade


The Masterhatch large brooder shade is compatible with universal heat elements, including all ceramic heat bulbs available from Poultry Australia up to 200 watts. The brooder shade is constructed with a fully painted, corrosion proof metal dome and a ceramic socket. A hanging hook allows the brooder shade to be suspended above the brooder. Also included is a bench clamp that can be adjusted to hang the brooder shade horizontally and vertically. This clamp also allows the shade height to be easily adjusted as the chicks grow. The brooder shade also features an on/off switch.

The large brooder shade is suitable for over 50 chicks depending on the climate.

Australia wide postage costs $15.00. Express postage can be arranged by sending us an email. Please note, the box will be flattened prior to shipping to ensure the brooder shade arrives safely.

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